Paragraph on Deforestation for students 100, 150, 200 to 250 words

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Short Paragraph on Deforestation: 100 words for classes 5,6

Deforestation is the large-scale destruction of the forest cover by humans due to several reasons like industrialization, population and other development. India as a country is gifted with tropical weather which allows a variety of vegetation to thrive, various species of plants and animals exist in different parts of the country. The forest cover of India plays a very important role in bringing the monsoon on time, and the rain helps the agriculture of India on which we are dependent for various reasons. Soil Erosion and avalanches are also controlled due to trees, but recent cutting of trees has led to a large-scale occurrence of these disasters.

paragraph on deforestation 100 words

Paragraph on Deforestation: 150 words for classes 7,8

Deforestation is a phenomenon where a large number of trees are removed due to several human factors like industrialization and population. We live in a beautiful green country full of flora and fauna, but in recent years due to global warming and air pollution the temperatures are comparatively on the higher side. In tropical countries like India, the forest cover plays a significant role in bringing rainfall. Trees are also very important for the water cycle. They play a key role in initiating precipitation and formation of the clouds. Trees like mangroves of Sundarbans also play an important role in protecting the areas from devastating floods. Apart from floods, there are other natural disasters like avalanches in the mountain areas and soil erosion that can be checked by trees. To maintain a good and healthy ecosystem, we must plant more and more trees and help our planet to heal itself.

paragraph on deforestation 150 words

Paragraph on Deforestation: 200-250 words for classes 9,10,11,12

The rise in temperatures and its adverse effects are quite visible to the world. The entire earth is heating up due to global warming, and among various reasons that led to global warming, air pollution and deforestation are the major ones. Deforestation as the term suggests is large-scale removal of trees from our ecosystem. Deforestation paves a path for industrialization, as the number of factories increases, the trees from the ecosystem decrease. A large chunk of the Amazon rainforest has been cleared, the same rainforest which is popularly known as the lungs of earth. Several wildlife species and birds lost their habitat and lives, a large number of species are endangered due to the same reason. Brazil has been negligent towards the crisis. We must get rid of air pollution and global warming very soon to restore our planet earth.

There are several adverse effects of deforestation, depletion of ozone layers, soil erosion and avalanches in the mountain regions, floods in the plains are the common ones we face every year due to the decrease in the number of trees. The Chipko Movement was a milestone launched by Sundarlal Bahuguna to preserve the trees and spread environmental awareness. It was begun by several women including the wife of Mr. Bahuguna who hugged trees to stop deforestation. Afforestation has been done in several parts of the country and plants are the reason behind our survival on this earth.

paragraph on deforestation 200 words

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