Madam Rides the Bus CBSE Class 10 MCQ Questions and Answers with PDF

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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducts board exams every year in which, the English portion contains 100 marks. In English, Multiple Choice questions and objective questions contain a majority part in the literature section. So students need to practice questions as much as possible to achieve mastery, so that they’ll be able to give answer to each question asked. In this post, we have posted MCQ questions with answers of the chapter 9 of story section, Madam rides the bus. You can also download these questions as PDF in the end.

MCQ Questions of Madam rides the bus CBSE Class 10 Chapter 9

1. With reference to the story, state the correct options which correctly depicts, what was the most catching to Valli’s eyes?

a) As per the story, The timely movement of the bus.
b) As per the story, The hourly movement of the bus.
c) As per the story, The conductor in the bus.
d) As per the story,  The driver of the bus.

Answer: b

2. What name did the conductor call Valli with?

a) Boss
b) Madam
c) Akka
d) Cute Girl

Answer: b

3. With reference to the story choose the appropriate option which aptly depicts the reason behind Valli’s decision to rise from her seat?

a) To enjoy the journey to the fullest .
b) As she could not see the view properly .
c) As she wanted to stand .
d) To alleviate her fatigue from sitting.

Answer: b

4. During which time of the year did Valli undertake her journey?

a) Summertime
b) Winter season

c) Monsoon season
d) Monsoon

Answer: c

5. Going by Valli’s calculation with reference to the story, how long will it take her to complete the journey?

a) It will take her An hour and a quarter minutes
b) It will take her One and a half hour
c) It will take her  One hour and forty-five minutes
d) It will take her Two hours

Answer: c

6. How much money did Valli had to pay in the end?

a) Fifty paise
b) Sixty paise
c) Seventy paise
d) Hundred paise

Answer: b

7. Who did Valli consider to be “Chatterbox”?

a) Herself 
b) Conductor
c) Her aunt
d) None of the above

Answer: c

8. The phrase “Proud! proud!” was employed by the children as a/an:

a) Taunting declaration
b) Expression of envy
c) Vernacular exclamation
d) Outburst of anger

Answer: c

9. ___ was offered by the conductor to Valli.

a) Water
b) Soft Drink
c) Pizza
d) Burger

Answer: b

10. With reference to the story, choose the appropriate option which rightly depicts, What does the sentence ‘Valli devoured everything with her eyes in the Madam Rides the Bus specify according to the author?

a) As per the story, She was constantly eating and watching
b) As per the story, She was just looking out
c) As per the story,  She was enjoying the ride
d) As per the story, She was bored through the ride.

Answer: c

11. Valli decided against taking the conductor’s treat. What does it say about her ?

a) responsible
b) disrespectful
c) unmannered
d) Aware

Answer: a

12. As per the story, What did the old man say to Valli ?

a) The reason behind her trip
b) why was she alone
c) To stand up from her own seat
d) To sit down

Answer: d

13. ___ was Valli’s favourite passtime.

a) Reading
b) watching the activities on the street
c) talking to random people and knowing their story
d) Roaming about with friends

Answer: c

14. With reference to the story, choose the option that states the reason behind Valli’s sadness.

a) As per the story, The dead cow
b)As per the story, Car Accident
c) As per the story, The handicapped passenger
d) All of the above-mentioned options are true

Answer: a

15. What was the colour of the bus ?

a) Red-white
b) Silver-yellow
c) White-green
d) Yellow-black

Answer: c

16. At what time did Valli reach home?

a) 2:45 pm 
b) 4:45 pm
c) 3:45 pm
d) 3:00 pm

Answer: c

17. Valli was _____ years of age.

a) 6
b) 9
c) 8
d) 10

Answer: b

18. What was the reason behind Valli not getting of the bus ? 

a) As she was scared
b) As she didn’t want to
c) she changed her mind
d) she got tensed about getting back home

Answer: a


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