A Question of Trust CBSE Class 10 MCQ Questions and Answers with PDF

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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducts board exams every year in which, the English portion contains 100 marks. In English, Multiple Choice questions and objective questions contain a majority part in the literature section. So students need to practice questions as much as possible to achieve mastery, so that they’ll be able to give answer to each question asked. In this post, we have posted MCQ questions with answers of the chapter 4 of story section, A Question of Trust. You can also download these questions as PDF in the end.

MCQ Questions of A Question of Trust CBSE Class 10 Chapter 4

1. ______ was Horace’s age as per the story.

a) 48
b) 50
c) 52
d) 58

Answer: b

2. Horace had an allergy from the ____. 

a) Fragrance of flowers
b) Extensive Dust
c) Milk
d) Curry

Answer: a

3. With reference to the story, where was the safe actually hidden behind ?

a) Almirah
b) Garage
c) Painting
d) None of the above

Answer: c

4. With reference to the story, Horace was ____ man.

a) Honest
b) Dishonest
c) Rude
d) None of the above

Answer: a

5. Choose the option that correctly states the first thought Horace had.

a) kill them
b) shout
c) to run
d) blackmail

Answer: c

6. How many people believed in his story ?

a) 0
b) 1
c) 2
d) 3

Answer: a

7. What job does Horace get assigned in the jail ?

a) The job to be a floor cleaner
b) The job to be an Assistant Librarian
c) The job to be a Typist
d) The job to be an Accountant

Answer: b

8. What was the lady’s take about the story ? 

a) it made no sense 
b) it was untrue
c) it was  comical
d) none of the above mentioned options are true

Answer: a

9. With reference to the story, where actually was the safe?

a) the bedroom
b) the kitchen
c) the bathroom
d) the drawing room

Answer: d

10.  As per the story, what exactly was Horace Danby  fond of fascinated of:

a) fond of watching cinema 
b) fond of listening to music
c) fond of going to public parks
d) fond of reading rare and expensive books

Answer: d

11. Sherry was the name of ______. 

a) the servant 
b) the dog at Shotover Grange
c) the safe in the Grange
d) the lady in red as per the story

Answer: d

12. With reference to the story, where the family who lived in the grange actually go? 

a) They went off to London 
b) They went off to Las Vegas
c) They went off to Los Angeles
d) none of the above mentioned options are true

Answer: a

13. _____ was the colour of the dress that the woman was wearing.

a) black
b) green
c) Red
d) white

Answer: c

14. _____ posed as the evidence against him.

a) fingerprints
b) gloves
c) lighter
d) footprints

Answer: a

15. The young lady threatened to_____. 

a) to raise an alarm
b) let sherry go loose on him as per the story
c) that she would  inform the police
d) she would inform the neighbours

Answer: c

16. At the site of the robbery, who does Horace meet?

a) a fireman 
b) a young lady
c) the house owner
d) None of the above

Answer: a

17. As per the story where had the two servants gone?

a) market
b) native place
c) movie
d) mall

Answer: c

18. Horace asked the lady to _____. 

a) help him
b) to keep quiet
c) to inform everyone
d) to go away

Answer: d


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