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Pollution is now a very serious problem globally. We need to educate people regarding pollution, its effects, and the necessary steps which must be taken to reduce pollution. 

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Short Paragraph on Pollution: 100 Words

Pollution Is basically the introduction of hazardous substances into the environment. These substances are called pollutants i.e; generally obtained from human nature as well as human activities. Pollutants when blended with the environment degrade the quality of air, water, and soil. Mainly there are 4 types of pollution existing- Air pollutionWater pollution, noise pollution, and soil pollution. All these types of pollution are caused due to the carelessness and insincerity of people. Rapid industrialization, haphazard urbanization,  Population explosion, and advancement in science and technology are some of the leading causes of pollution today. Rules set by the pollution control board should be made stricter,  sewage should be property treated before draining them into water bodies, more and more tress should be planted and usage of electic vehicles should be promoted in order to check pollution. 

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Paragraph on Pollution: 200 Words

Pollution has become more than just an enemy or a serious cause of concern, which perhaps is a slow poison killing and ruining the planet or humankind in general. Pollution has become more of a lifestyle of sorts, an issue that we human beings have taken for granted despite knowing the harmful effects it has on our Earth. Pollution has been segregated into 3-4 main forms: Air-Pollution, Water Pollution, Noise Pollution, and soil pollution. With trash being irresponsibly thrown in water bodies, industries, and vehicles emitting harmful smoke in the air, cities across the 200+ countries divided around the globe show solidarity in producing and committing extensive noise pollution and overutilization of fertilizers or other preservatives inserted into the soil that results in soil Impurition Or pollution, and hence, we humans are living in a hazardous bubble or an ecosystem to be precise, which is impure and nothing but a temporary existentiality of safety shield which does not promise to last for long in the future. Pollution has resulted in the birth of many harmful diseases too, which has made human lives nothing short of miserable, and yet, strong action again pollution is awaited from humankind. As we human beings are set to take a giant leap in forward in terms of development and progress, we must make sure that the world we live in is sustainable and safe for us and the generations to come. 

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Long Paragraph on Pollution: 300 Words

Pollution can be defined as the addition of unwanted chemical and physical substances in nature which has an extremely dangerous impact. There are numerous ways by which pollutants can get into the air and cause unbearable damage to nature and living beings. Pollutants can be produced from both natural and artificial means such as earthquakes, forest fires, volcanic eruptions, industrial and domestic waste, untreated sewage,  pesticides, and insecticides, etc.

It is quite necessary for us to understand the adverse effects of pollution. It can cause loss to human beings, plants, and animals and play a prime role in drastic climate change. It is so adverse that it leads to the depletion of natural resources and destroys natural habitats. Moreover, it gives rise to deadly health issues such as lung cancer, asthma and heart diseases, etc. All the main elements of nature, be it water, soil, or air are severely polluted. When water is contaminated by letting harmful chemicals such as insecticides, and pesticides mix into it, causes a lot of water-borne diseases. The soil is polluted by dumping non-biodegradable waste materials, resulting in toxicity and Harming microorganisms living in there. The emission of harmful gases from industries pollutes the air severely.  The increment in carbon dioxide content is a very dangerous sign. Improper waste management is a big contributor to increasing pollution levels.

It is our duty to keep the raising pollution levels in check and to save Mother EARTH. To reduce water pollution we should not discharge contaminated water having traces of harmful chemicals into rivers directly. To avoid air pollution,  people can opt for public transport and practice carpooling to reduce smoke emissions. Government should pass strict rules to limit the usage of fertilizers and pesticides so that soil pollution can be reduced. It is high time we start incorporating 3R: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in our daily lives to save our precious planet from environmental pollution. 

Essay on Pollution: 350 Words

The very existence of man condemns the environment to contamination and thus it was famously quoted that, “Man is the only creature, that fouls its own nest”. Pollution has become more than just a mere threat to our human race or our existence, it’s consistent and pertinent growth in the last decade across the globe in different forms has sent the agencies around the world on high alert, perhaps with insecurity, “If it is too late, to prevent”. But the 90 percent class of citizens across the country and the world have compromised with their depleting health and seem to have compromised with Pollution around them. 

Water Pollution is the most hazardous form of pollution which is caused by senseless, mindless dumping of waste products and chemicals released into the water bodies. Being the most important resource, a shocking truth that is hard to digest is the fact that only 3 percent of freshwater resources is available on the earth which is available for drinking purposes. Air pollution is single-handedly destroying the entire ecological and biological system prevalent on the earth. Caused by industries, vehicles, and factories emitting harmful gases and smoke, it results in asthma and many more skin-related diseases and deaths too. Soil pollution is caused by Non-biodegradable materials being inserted into the soil and over utilization of fertilizers and pesticides. Noise pollution is often skipped while the topic of “pollution” is brought up. But one must seriously consider that Noise Pollution since 2018 has resulted in the deafness of millions across the globe. 

The people and creatures leaving on earth are aware of the turbulent future lying ahead of them which would primarily be caused by such pollution-related effects but yet, solidarity in terms of Pollution prevention is nothing but “awaited”. Environmental Pollution has become a major Crisis for the World in general and thus needed to be dealt with immeasurable importance. With the depletion of the ozone layer and increase in the rate of global warming, it is a moral duty of the people of this planet, to make sure that we control our immorality towards nature and make this planet a more sustainable, safe, and healthy place to live in, for us and also the coming generations. 

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