Paragraph on Global Warming for students 100, 150, 250 words

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Paragraph on Global Warming: 100 words for Classes 5,6

Global warming is a major climate issue of the twenty-first century, excess burning of fossil fuels through industries, power plants, and transports are the main culprits of the crisis. Global warming has led to the rise in the overall temperature of the earth, and it can have disastrous effects on the different organisms living on the earth. The impact of global warming causes several climate issues like raising the water levels on the sea, leading to the shrinking of the mainland, although most of the side effects are widespread and unspecific. Global warming can be checked by restoring greenery and vegetation, and by use of clean energy fuels.

paragraph on global warming 100 words

Paragraph on Global Warming: 150 words for Classes 7,8

Global warming as the term suggests is the rise in the temperature of the globe. Several greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide trap the heat of the sun in the atmosphere of the earth to keep it warm, however marginal rise of these gasses can have adverse effects as the same greenhouse phenomenon. In the last century we managed to develop our civilization at an exponential rate, but this growth came at a cost. Large scale deforestation, and exploitation of natural resources like water and air has created a huge imbalance in the ecosystem. Global warming is not just limited to rise in temperature, it has several other damaging consequences as well. With an increase in human population, we must understand that we need to save earth as it is the only planet that provides life to us in this entire solar system. Use of renewable fuels and clean energy sources can help us to restore the earth to its original state.

paragraph on global warming 150 words

Paragraph on Global Warming: 250 words for Classes 9,10,11,12

Global warming is the cumulative rise in overall global temperature on earth measured over a long period of time. It has been attributed to the large-scale deforestation, exploitation of natural resources, excess use of fossil fuels and overpopulation. With a human crowd increasing exponentially, it has become impossible to meet each and everyone’s energy requirements.

We must understand that natural resources are limited on earth and we must use them judiciously. If we keep on exploiting the natural resources like forest, water and vegetation, very soon we will face mass extinction and the earth will wipe out the entire human race. As our great leader Mahatma Gandhi said that earth has enough for everyone’s needs, but not for everyone’s greed. The severe catastrophes like hurricanes, avalanches and floods in the various parts of the world are also the result of global warming. It is high time that we should realize that our ecosystem is a valuable amenity and it is our responsibility to preserve it.

There are several ways of avoiding global warming and it starts from our home. We can save electricity and use public transport. Several green energy resources can be used to prevent environmental damage. And the most important step is to restore the health of our wonderful planet earth by planting more and more trees. The earth is our mother and it provides all the valuable resources to sustain humanity, so we as humans should pay our mother earth back by helping her, and thus we can restore our planet into its healthy and green state.

paragraph on global warming 250 words

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