Paragraph on Health is Wealth in English 100, 150, 200 to 250 words

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Short Paragraph on Health is Wealth: 100 words for classes 5,6

Health is wealth, the most prevailing phrase in almost every language in one way or the other. Our body is the home in which our soul resides, it is the only tool through which we experience life. Most of the people don’t understand that they will face severe consequences for torturing their bodies at young age. Most of the damage done to our body is irreversible, especially for people with eating disorders and bad posture; these problems often lead to chronic illness as they grow older. To keep the body fit, one must follow a healthy diet and lifestyle, which often resonates into better physical and mental health.

paragraph on health is wealth 100 words

Paragraph on Health is Wealth: 150 words for classes 7,8

There is no greater blessing than having a fully functional body with no health issues at all, as this body helps to accumulate all the other wealth required to lead a prosperous and happy life. “Health is wealth”, is probably the most quoted phrase, but in today’s day and age it is becoming very difficult for the general public to manage their body, especially due to the stressful work environment. But we should not take our health for granted, when we are young our body is youthful and strong, but with growing age the body loses its immunity and strength and thus we become ill. Dependence on medicines is the worst addiction that a man can have. Taking care of our health is no rocket science, we need to take care of our diet, which should be balanced and also on eating habits as well. We should add yoga or running into our routine to improve the physical well-being of our body.

paragraph on health is wealth 150 words

Paragraph on Health is Wealth: 200-250 words for classes 9,10,11,12

Why does “health is wealth” still stay as the most quoted phrase in every language and culture? Well the answer is very simple, all the other wealth acquired by damaging your body will be of no use, especially when you have to spend all that money paying the doctors, purchasing medicines and staying in the hospital every now and then.

Once you die all the wealth acquired by you loses all its value. Having a healthy and fit body is a gift, especially in today’s world where it’s very difficult to be stress-free in the busy schedule that we have to go through. There are several ways of keeping your body fit, and the most important thing is your diet and eating habits. Try to go for a balanced diet, eat healthy green vegetables and fruits, and avoid eating junk and oily food. Try to maintain a disciplined lifestyle and take care of your cleanliness.

To keep your body physically fit, you can opt for any of the popular fitness drills like running, swimming, yoga and regular exercising. Take care of your posture, always hydrate your body, try to maintain a good posture to avoid chronic pain and sleep for 8 hours every day. Treat your body as a holy temple and automatically you will be able to see the positive effects of having a body with no disease and illness.

paragraph on health is wealth 250 words

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