Report writing on, “Growing violation of traffic rules by youngsters”


Report writing on violation of traffic rules

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Topic: As the correspondent of a local newspaper, prepare a report for the newspaper on the growing violation of traffic rules by youngsters.   

        Youngsters Violating Traffic Rules: A concerning issue

                  By Ayushman Bhattacharjee, Staff Reporter

Agartala, July 5A recent survey conducted by “ The wire ” showcased growing cases of the moral abandonment Of traffic rules leading to heinous deaths and injuries across the country. The survey, not merely aged a week properly, when the city came across the gruesome and fatal road accident of one, Rajiv Kumar,  aged 24. 

For the traffic police and the ones responsible, it does not come as a shock as everyday as many as 38 deaths are recorded resulting from Road accidents. Having said that, 78% of these road accidents involve the ‘woke’ and ‘aware’ young population of this country.

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As a growing country and population, India is one of the few nations amongst its peers, to be enjoying a Politically aware, Intellect, and Hustling Youth population.

Despite of that, strangely, these youth don’t associate themselves with the word, “responsible”, especially on the roads. Violation of red lights, excusing the cause and need of Helmets and in lots of cases, underage driving has become more of a flair among the phone youngsters.

As they say, “Accidents do not happen, they are caused”, one can only hope, that the Youngsters press the brakes of their fast paced life for sometime and reflect on the responsibility they have to fulfill on the roads not only for themselves but for all those concerned.

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