Report writing on a Flood that badly affected your area

Report writing on a flood

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Heinous Flood wrecks the village of Bodarma

By Swayam Satpathy (Staff reporter, Jharkhand Voice) 

Ranchi, September 28: On the afternoon of September 26th, 2022, the village of Bodarma, Jharkhand was hit by a vicious flood that wreaked havoc and sent the entire state and the village into a state of panic, and shock. The National Disaster Management and Rescuers reported death of more than 16 villagers whereas 34 people have been reported missing or untraced. Within 24 hours of the unfortunate natural disaster, the state government of Jharkhand along with 33 NGOs and 16 groups which carry out relief operations at such calamity-hit areas/zones took action and performed the necessary acts to provide relief to the people stuck in the middle of the natural havoc. 

The flood was caused by a typhoon and according to the Meteorology Department, The centre of the cyclone was about 145 km southeast of  Ranchi with maximum core wind velocity reaching around 180 kilometers, per hour. The State Government has suspended transportation services such as Railways to the village of Bodarma. 

Soon, as the videos and news of the disastrous and life-shattering Flood went viral, several established Public figures including the Prime Minister of the country came forward to help the Flood-Hit village. The PM has announced its, “PM CARES FUND”  Open through which people can donate and provide relief packages for the affected people. The Prime Minister of our country has himself pledged a donation of 3.6 crores for the betterment of the people of Bodarma. 

Citizens across the country are also requested to help the Natural Calamity hit zone by donating food packages and warm clothes via, the “HELP BODARMA”   Website developed in order to help the grieving people who lost their Livelihood, House, Happiness, and loved ones. The Chief Minister of Jharkhand alongside some other ministers and a team of highly professional doctors would visit the village tomorrow, as per the last update. 

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