Report writing on Tree plantation programme in school

report writing on tree plantation programme

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Restoring greenery by planting seeds of life

By Snigdha Mishra

5th June, 2022: To spread awareness about climate change and its detrimental impacts on humans, our school organized a highly auspicious tree planting event on the occasion of World Environment Day. This tree-planting event had Sir Vikram Pillayi, the chairman of our school, as the honoree, and it got underway at 6:00 in the morning. 200 different plants were inserted into the school garden and the area surrounding the playground to promote the preservation of trees. 

Teachers and students both decided to plant trees on the school’s campus. On the school grounds, a variety of tree saplings including peepal, cinnamon, neem, and eucalyptus were planted. The geography teachers explained the purpose of the various trees that were planted to the students. The principal also planted a cinnamon tree. Additionally, he discussed how planting trees can assist to control the temperature and remove all carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. He discussed how planting trees makes the area greener and how many birds and other animals find homes in trees. Additionally, he recommended that each student plant at least one tree annually to aid in the global effort to combat global warming.

The neem trees, which have healing properties and will get fairly big trees beneath which we can play, were planted by students in grades 6 through 9. Following the show, which ended at 12 o’clock, we were all given stuff to eat. We all placed a total of 1000 rupees there and declared it to be the finest structure in our school. By the time the tree-planting programme was finished, we were all fatigued and just wanted to unwind under the garden’s existing tree. The benefits of planting trees, how it enhances environmental cleanliness, and how to use medicinal herbs were discussed by our distinguished visitor at 11:30 a.m.

In order to enhance the neighbourhood ecology and minimize climatic changes, the school made a commitment to plant as many trees as we could close to our buildings. To help protect the environment, we hope that everyone will plant a tree at least once in their lives. Students thanked our principal, sir, and the staff at the school for their assistance with this important cause.

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