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report writing on road accident

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Two deaths reported due to another case of Drunk and drive

By Nayan Dash, Staff Reporter 

Champaran; 21st November: In a world of advancing technology in the automobile sector where A.I. driving and active assist technologies are coming into the mainstream, the huge tally of deaths is still something that haunts both the government and the public.  Yet again a serious accident took place yesterday at 3 P.M, on the city bridge, Champaran where there was a severe collision between a motorcycle and a car. The car was coming from the opposite side at a high speed and the motorcycle driver had no time to react. Unfortunately, the man driving the motorcycle, named Harish Tiwari (23) died on the spot and the woman, Deepika Tiwari (22) who was with him was lying on the road in an unconscious state. Both of them received severe head injuries due to the accident.

There were three people in the car and two of them were intoxicated. The driver of the car, Ranjan Chatterjee (32) was also almost dead due to a terrible collision with the motorcycle and the other one was lying unconscious with blood. Only the third guy sitting in the back seat of the car was in a conscious state, but he also broke his jaw and wrist due to the accident. Later he informed them that they were going to Siwan and the driver was heavily drunk along with his friend sitting in the front seat of the car.

Within no time, a large number of people gathered around the site of the accident. Most of them were busy recording the incident with their mobile phones, but some responsible people called the ambulance, and all the injured people were sent to the district hospital immediately without any delay. The damaged vehicles were also towed away from the road to clear the jam on the road.

After that, the police arrived on the spot to inquire about the accident. The police officers inspected the site of the accident and questioned the people about the accident. They also cleared the huge gathering of people which was causing the traffic jam on the road. Media personnel and reporters also arrived on the scene to report the incident. The police contacted the families of the victims of the accident. And both the vehicles were taken to the police station and a case was filed against the car driver due to his irresponsible behavior.

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