Report writing on Traffic Jam Issue in your area

Report writing on traffic jam

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Heavy and Frequent Traffic Jam cause Chaos and Nuisance on the thoroughfare

By Navneet Kaur

August 5, 2022: Apart from Inflation, Corruption, Health Diseases, Illiteracy and Poverty and several other crisis ranging from Water to Food, a common Major issue or crisis that the People of this generation are cursed with is the Traumatic Traffic Jam that cause huge disorganization on the roads. With enormous Traffic Jams on a daily basis, the area of  ‘Durga Chowk’ is suffering a lot.

These Traffic Jams are nothing but frustrating for the Wayfarers which further result in chaos, commotion and sometimes Fights. The Residents living in the area are calling for better traffic management to ensure better flow of vehicular movement. The role of the Traffic Police is of vital importance in such situations for smooth navigation but with over Hundred vehicles struck and constant chaos, managing such a huge crowd is not an easy task for any one individual. Hence, the City Corporation should assign 2-3 more officials to help the cause easy flow of Traffic.

The root cause of such frequent traffic jams in the ‘Durga Chowk’ Area is because of the Maintenance work that is being carried out on the Flyover which connects the citizens to the main office areas of the City. The Flyover being temporarily closed forced the Travellers to divert themselves through the road of ‘Durga Chowk’. A recent incident that should not go unnoticed was when an Ambulance carrying a patient got stuck in the Traffic Jam in the afternoon of August 4, 2022. A patient battling life and death was being forced to wait in a long queue which eventually cleared up in an hour. Though the patient reached the Hospital safely but it could’ve been worse as per the Doctors.

The regular Office Goers, Children face extreme difficulty to ply on the roads. With the Roads being So narrow, it’s a no brainer but to quickly Resume the services of the Flyover as early as possible. The Locality Mayor wrote a letter to the Concerned authorities but the response is awaited, till the last information came in.

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