Report writing on a Train accident for a Newspaper : 2 Samples

Report writing on a train accident

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Topic: Imagining yourself as a Staff Reporter of a national daily, write a report on a disastrous train accident. (Report writing on a train accident / Report writing on a trail derailment

Example-1 (Report writing on train accident)

Horrific Train Mishap Kills 24

By Jitendra Tiwari

Agartala, July 10, 2022: On the afternoon of July 9, 2022 at 12:32 p.m, around 240 passengers met with injuries and an unforgettable Incident caused by an unfortunate derailment. The Victims were passengers travelling from Assam on “Assam Express “.

The Train Derailment happened just as the ‘Assam Express ‘ was crossing the Assam-Tripura Tunnel which is 15 min away from The Agartala Railway Station. The Hospital, carrying out the treatment of the injured, has reported as many as 24 passengers as “brought dead” and the rest narrowly escaped gruesome injuries.

The treatment of the ones injured was carried out at the “Agartala Nursing Home “, which is a few kms away from the Railway Station. What also needs to be lauded, is the fact that the people near the casualty scene acted gallantly and responsibly as they quickly made sure that all the passengers inside the Train be brought out and taken to the nearest Hospital. The Hospital authorities, upon being informed about the mishap, made sure that the Ambulances reach the accident scene in no time. The ones injured are recovering and responding to the treatment well, as reported by the Doctors and the Healthcare Authorities. There have been no more deaths among the ones injured in the accident and being treated at the hospital till the last information came in.

What needs to be noticed is the fact that, in recent times, news and reports of Accidents caused by Train derailments are making the rounds way more often than it should be. According to a recent survey, India tops the chart of most train Accidents in a calendar year against it’s peers.


These frequently caused derailments are due to the Railway tracks which seem to be too old to be maintained and used any further. Despite of a huge chunk of the transportation Budget allotted solely for the betterment of Indian Railways, such Accidents and negligence are nothing but a matter of shame and Shock for the taxpayers and Passengers travelling. It’s high old time that the concerned authorities and Government officials come forward and take responsibility of such fatal Accidents. 

Example-2 (Write a report on train accident)

Cataclysmic Train wreck killed 33 and injured 64

By Smruti Mishra, Staff Reporter 

Jagalpuri, 12 July, 2022: Meanwhile,  India is all geared up for its first high-speed bullet train which will run between Ahmedabad and Mumbai, horrifying train wrecks are taking place at short intervals every year that leads to massive casualties.

Yet another,  catastrophic accident happened near Danmohani, Maynaguri, Jagalpuri District,  West Bengal. Guwahati Express train derailed killing 32 and injuring 64,  during its routine journey.  5 coaches got derailed at around 5:45 PM in the evening on 11th July 2022.

Rescue and medical teams along with local people worked tirelessly to safely rescue the trapped and injured victims from the derailed coaches.  Around 20 ambulances were sent to the spot. Victims were admitted in the hospital and their treatment process started immediately. Families of the victims were called.

” The repair work in progress on the track is the main cause of the mishap,” said an eyewitness. A section of the train was found missing. Also, it is being speculated that another main cause of the wreck is the carelessness and communication gap between the authorities and the track maintenance department.

The government has announced all necessary incentives and financial support to the families of dead and injured passengers. Railway Minister set up a committee to enquire about the loophole in the system. ” On the basis of preliminary investigation,4 workers were suspended,  10 sent on leave and 1 officer has been transferred on a temporary basis” stated a trusted source. Concerned authorities should keep a check on this to prevent the loss of lives. Even a minute of negligence can take someone’s precious life!

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