The Necklace CBSE Class 10 MCQ Questions and Answers with PDF

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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducts board exams every year in which, the English portion contains 100 marks. In English, Multiple Choice questions and objective questions contain a majority part in the literature section. So students need to practice questions as much as possible to achieve mastery, so that they’ll be able to give answer to each question asked. In this post, we have posted MCQ questions with answers of the chapter 7 of story section, The Necklace. You can also download these questions as PDF in the end.

MCQ Questions of The Necklace CBSE Class 10 Chapter 7

1. According to the story what did they do to repay?

a) sent away the maid 
b) change their lodgings
c) husband working around the clock
d) all of these

Answer: d

2. The solution that her husband came up with was:

a) helping her find a dress 
b) asking her to wear natural flowers instead of jwellery
c) he didn’t suggest anything
d) none of the above

Answer: b

3. She came from a family of ______.

a) Scientists 
b) doctors
c) engineers
d) clerks

Answer: d

4. Whom was Matilda married to?

a) a petty clerk
b) a minister
c) an officer
d) a businessman

Answer: a

5. What did the husband’s face look like after hearing the actual amount her wife asked from him as per the story?

a) pale
b) fine
c) unbothered
d) none of the above

Answer: a

6. What was the actual reason behind her throwing away of the letter?

a) she had nothing to weak
b) she did not want to
c) she had no bag to carry the letter
d) both A and B

Answer: a

7. The loan affected Mrs Loisel’s life by:

a) she learned the odious work of a kitchen
b) she washed the dishes
c) she took down the refuse to the street
d) all of the above

Answer: d

8. Mr and Mrs Loisel’s peace and pleasure were taken away due to:

a) the loss of necklace
b) the loss of the dress
c) the loss of money
d) all of the above Answer

Answer: a

9. How did Loisel feel on receiving the invitation?

a) sad
b) elated
c) puzzled
d) surprised

Answer: b

10. Whom was Matilda married to?

a) a petty clerk 
b) a minister
c) an officer
d) a businessman

Answer: a

11. As per the story did he agree to give her the money?

a) no
b) yes

Answer: b

12. Name the writer of the story.

a) Robert Peterson
b) Guy de Maupassant
c) Robert Frost
d) Premchand

Answer: b

13. His face changed into ___ upon hearing the amount.

a) Pale
b) Happy
c) Anger
d) White

Answer: a

14. ___ was the actual price of the necklace

a) ten thousand francs
b) five thousand francs
c) one hundred francs
d) five hundred francs

Answer: d

15. She would cry for days upon _____.

a) dinner
b) lunch
c) visiting her friend
d) visiting her paternal home

Answer: c

16. Her friend recognised her after years

a) True
b) False

Answer: b

17. The husband expected her to be ___ upon receiving the letter

a) happy
b) sad
c) unbothered
d) All of the above

Answer: a

18. As per the story, she was bothered angered and felt tortured by

a) poverty
b) shabby walls
c) worn dress
d) All of the above

Answer: d


We believe that, this post will be definitely helpful for students who are preparing for CBSE Board exams. These questions will improve their confidence over the chapter undoubtedly. We have also posted MCQs of other chapters as well. You can check other posts to go through other chapters of English. 

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