Mijbil The Otter CBSE Class 10 MCQ Questions and Answers with PDF

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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducts board exams every year in which, the English portion contains 100 marks. In English, Multiple Choice questions and objective questions contain a majority part in the literature section. So students need to practice questions as much as possible to achieve mastery, so that they’ll be able to give answer to each question asked. In this post, we have posted MCQ questions with answers of the chapter 8 of story section, Mijbil The Otter. You can also download these questions as PDF in the end. 

MCQ Questions of Mijbil The Otter CBSE Class 10 Chapter 8

1. Name the animal which gets compared by the author with reference to Mijbil’s habit of splashing water.

a) Rhinoceros
b) Hippo
c) Beaver
d) Monkey

Answer: b

2. The author says that Mijbil ‘began to lose his apathy and take a keen, much too keen, interest in his surroundings.’ What does this tell you about the otter?

a) The otter was mischievous and troublesome
b) The otter behaved weirdly
c) The otter was homesick
d) The otter was curious and inquisitive

Answer: d

3. Select the correct option that lists the qualities of Mijbil the otter.

a) He would respond to his name and follow the author
b) He would rather play than respond to his name being called
c) He spent most of his time sleeping and bathing
d) He didn’t like playing with rubber ball and marbles

Answer: a

4. Out of the following pair of animals, choose the pair which do not belong to the Mustelline Group.

a) Badger and Mongoose
b) Seal and Beaver
c) Stoat and Mink
d) Weasel and Otter

Answer: b

5. In less than a minute he had turned the tap far enough to produce a trickle of water.

Choose one from the following to answer:

a) He has the ability to handle tools.
b) He can solve complex problems like humans.
c) He is an intelligent and sharp learner.
d) He is more into playing than worrying about things.

Answer: c

6. In which year did Gavin Maxwell travel to southern Iraq?

a) new year of 1965
b) new year of 1956
c) Christmas of 1956

d) Christmas of 1965

Answer: b

7. Choose the reason behind the author’s decision to book a connecting flight to London via Paris and not a direct one.

a) The French airline to London would not fly animals
b) The British airline to London did not fly from Iraq
c) The British airline to London would not fly animals
d) The French airline to London did not fly from Iraq

Answer: c

8. With reference to the story, choose the appropriate option which states the correct way in which the author took Mijbil to the bathroom for the first time.

a) He carried the otter in his arms to the bathroom
b) He tied a body-belt and lead him to the bathroom
c) He let the otter roam around the house and discover the bathroom
d) He held the otter by the tail and dragged it to the bathroom

Answer: b

9. ___ was a toy bought by the author for Mijbil from his native land.

a) A terrapin shell
b) Rubber fruit
c) Ping-pong balls
d) Marbles

Answer: a

10. ‘Is that a walrus, mister?’ reduced me to giggles….

This means that the question _________ the author.

a) destroyed
b) captivated
c) titillated
d) teased

Answer: c

11. ___ kept Mijbil engaged when they were in London.

a) Author
b) The children
c) His innocence
d) Ping-pong ball

Answer: d

12. Choose the reason behind Maxwell‘s visit to Basra.

a) Torn the lining of box
b) Broke the Toy car
c) Threw the marbles
d) None of the above

Answer: a

13. Who gives the otter to the author?

a) Mother
b) Father
c) Friend
d) Wife

Answer: c

14. The woman in the aeroplane thought the otter to be a ___.

a) A cat
b) A dog
c) A rabbit
d) A rat

Answer: d

15. Mijbil used to behave like a _____. Fill in the blank.

a) Dog
b) children
c) cat
d) Otter

Answer: b

16. The full body of the Otter was covered with ______.

a) Sand
b) water
c) grass
d) Mud

Answer: d

17. Blood had trickled out of the box.

a) True
b) False

Answer: a

18. It took _______ many days for the author’s mail to arrive.

a) 1
b) 2
c) 4
d) 5

Answer: d

19. Camusfearna was surrounded by ________.

a) Water
b) Animals
c) children
d) sand

Answer: a

20. How did the author feel during his interaction with the Londoners ?

a) Irritated
b) Entertained
c) Annoyed
d) Beguiled

Answer: b


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