Paragraph on Internet in English 100, 150, 200 to 250 words

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Short Paragraph on Internet: 100 words 

With the coming of the 21st century technology developed at a very rapid pace and the greatest gift of digital technology to humans was the internet. This revolution made the entire world accessible at the comfort of our home. To visit a place in the world you don’t need to be there physically nowadays, just one click and you can see what France looks like, how people of Germany talk and what people of Mexico eat. Everyday activities like shopping, reading, and education became much easier after the advent of the internet. In today’s day and age it touches almost every aspect of our lives and provides solutions to every day to day problems.

paragraph on Internet 100 words

Paragraph on Internet: 150 words

The most recent, revolutionizing and amazing innovation that the 21st century offered to the modern human being is the internet. This modern marvel of technology helps to share information from one part of the world to the other part. The powerful presence of this digital beast has shrunk the world in size. The biggest advantage of the internet came in front of us during the covid pandemic, where it made sure that our ship sails smoothly during the rough times. Its need is quite evident nowadays, whether it was a student and teacher, whether it was an employee and employer or anyone wishing to connect with a person, the internet made all of this possible when the entire world was caged in their homes. If used responsibly and with care, the internet can open an infinite number of possibilities to make our daily lives better.

paragraph on Internet 150 words

Paragraph on Internet: 200-250 words

The Internet serves as a platform for the exchange of information. It is the quickest way to communicate information. Data may make the journey millions of miles over the world wide web. It’s a fantastic way to communicate images, files, music, films, and a wide range of other items that can literally be chosen to share, or so they thought.

The internet is accessible via desktops, smart phones, laptop computers, and tablet devices; it is not just widely available but also quite financially viable. Emails, texts, and multimedia messaging services have completely transformed the world’s communication system. Sending emails from your houses to any location around the world is not just simple, but also convenient and incredibly cheap. People from any field, including business, engineering, art, and architecture, can easily solve their day-to-day problems. Students, professionals in the workforce, employers, and people relaxing at home now have easier lives. Cheers to this now. Presently, almost all big companies and businesses work remotely.

Since we are becoming progressively dependent on the internet, we should indeed realize that exposure to anything can be threatening. There seems to be a significant risk that young kids will just become accustomed and encounter something that will prove costly to them. It is critical to monitor internet exposure, particularly among young students, and to keep an eye on them because of safety. We must be mindful about not stepping over the line and consuming it in order to avoid confronting the pejorative side of it.

paragraph on Internet 250 words

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