Short and Long Paragraph on Christmas 100, 150, 200 to 250 words

Paragraph On Christmas: Christmas is a very popular festival around the globe which is celebrated all over the world. People from different countries celebrate this with great joy and enjoyment. 

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Short Paragraph on Christmas: 100 words 

Christmas is the annual festival that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. The festival is primarily celebrated by Christians across the globe and the sacred day is the 25th December, the day when Mother Mary gave birth to the enigmatic Jesus Christ in a small stable. Christmas is declared as a public holiday in most of the countries across the world. People cook delicious food and bake sweet cakes, a feast is kept on the day where all the loved ones and relatives gather together, The festival is preceded by the Nativity Fast initiating the season of Christmastide, which lasts for 12 days and the last night is popularly known as the Twelfth Night.

Paragraph on christmas 100 words

Paragraph on Christmas: 150 words

Christmas is the culmination of a 12-day festival. Many people are unaware of the prior events and are only concerned with the main festival. The 12 days of Christmas are all about praying and penance to honour Jesus’ suffering. The final day of the 12-day series is known as Christmas, and it is celebrated every year on December 25. A special  family feast is a traditional part of the  celebration of Christmas, and the food served varies greatly from nation to nation. Some provinces have special Christmas Eve meals, such as Sicily, which serves twelve different types of fish. A Christmas Dinner meal in Europe and other countries is influenced by its cultures. The feast includes a turkey, goose, or other large bird, gravy, potatoes, vegetables, bread, and cider. Special desserts such as Christmas pudding, crumpets, Christmas cake, Panettone, and Yule log pastry are also prepared. Fried carp and perhaps other fish is a Christmas Season meal in Continental Europe.

Paragraph on christmas 150 words

Long Paragraph on Christmas: 200-250 words

Christmas is a national holiday in many nations across the world, it is religiously observed by the majority of Christians to celebrate the birth of Christ, the saviour. It is also culturally observed by several non-Christians, and plays a significant part of the holiday season during the last week of the year. It is commonly observed on December 25 around the globe.

This festival commemorates the birth of Jesus into the world. It is thought that the birth of Jesus Christ was heralded earlier. As a result, traditional Christians love and cherish this festival.  It occurs on the winter solstice according to the Roman calendar and is the bleakest day of the year. The birth of Jesus represents a ray of light and the start of a path toward great awakening. Christmas is all about decorating trees, eating with friends, family and loved ones, and having a wonderful time. Children are engrained with the values and beliefs of sharing from birth, and they learn to have a strong sense of ethical and moral values. It is the period when we all put aside all other accountabilities and gather to have a good time and enjoy the festival.

Its sole aim is to educate us that the Lord’s light always safeguards us and that we must never give up hope. Many people’s miseries were brought to an end with the birth of Christ. It is the period when we all put aside all other accountabilities and gather to take delight in the celebration.

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