A Letter to God CBSE Class 10 MCQ Questions and Answers with PDF

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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducts board exams every year in which, the English portion contains 100 marks. In English, Multiple Choice questions and objective questions contain a majority part in the literature section. So students need to practice questions as much as possible to achieve mastery, so that they’ll be able to give answer to each question asked. In this post, we have posted MCQ questions with answers of the first chapter of Prose section, A Letter to God. You can also download these questions as PDF in the end. 

MCQ Questions of A Letter to God CBSE Class 10 Chapter 1

1. Decipher the meaning of the sentence mentioned below: “The field of corn dotted with flowers”.

a) the flowers had a reduction in their sizes. 
b) flowers had a shape, similar to dots. 
c) the flowers were spread all around. 
d) not a single flower was bigger than the dot. 

Answer: C

2. It was raining Hail for a period of ______.

a) 5 days
b) 4 hour
c) 5 days
d) 1 hour

Answer: d

3. As per the story, “A letter to God”, the protagonist thinks of the rest of the primary characters as:

a) proud   
b) helpful   
c) rude   
d) crooks

Answer: d

4. What does the word ” Amiable ” Mean? 

a) Rude   
b) friendly   
c) enthusiastic   
d) helpful


5. ______ was the crop that was grown on Lencho’s field. 

a) rice   
b) barley 
c) corn   


6. With context to the story, mention the direction in which, the chief character expected the downpour. 

a) Northwest   
b) South East 
c) Northeast
d) Southwest


7. Lencho being naive, wrote another letter to god which included:

a) Lists of further demands
b) Belief of being looted
c) Details of problems
d) Description of the Post office and it’s officials. 


8. Lencho felt _____ upon counting the money. 

a) angry   
b) Joyful   
c) grateful 
d) relieved. 


9. Choose the appropriate feeling according to the writer of the story, that wad running on the mind of Lencho. 

a) Post office employees had stolen the money. 
b) He must have not mentioned the amount clearly. 
c) God must’ve made a mistake by giving less money. 
d) All of the above. 


10. As per the story, “A letter to God”, the field was white, as if ______

a) it was covered with cotton
b) it was covered with wool
c) it was covered with sugar
d) it was covered with salt


11. ______ was the one, the protagonist had complete trust in. 

a) wife 
b) God 
c) postmaster  
d) other farmers


12. The word “ox” As per the story of Lencho and his belief in God, meant:

a) Hardworking and simple person
b) Animal
c) Both (a) and (b) 


13.  Assertion : Lencho only received 70 pesos. 
Reason : The postmaster kept some of the money.

a) Both assertion and reason are correct and reason is the correct
explanation of assertion.
b) Both assertion and reason are correct but reason is not the
correct explanation of assertion.
c) Assertion is true and reason is false.
d) Assertion is false and reason is true.

Answer: c

14. The story was conceptualized and written by:

a) Flaherty 
b) G.L Fuentes 
c) Robert Frost     
d) Klenin


15. Lencho visited the office again on a _______

a) Thursday 
b) Tuesday 
c) Sunday  
d) Monday. 

Answer: c

16. The word, ‘crest’ means:

a) surrounded by mountains
b) Top of a hill
c) Downhill
d) Pavement

Answer: b

17. For the people at the Post office helping Lencho was ____

a) A cause of nobility
b) Road to heaven
c) Keeping someone’s faith on Almighty alive. 
d) An act of charity. 

Answer: d

18. Courtesy the word, ‘peso’, it is evident that the incident took place in an ______ country. 

a) Latin American
b) Indian
c) North East African
d) Central African

Answer: a

19. How much money did Lencho as for? 

a) 100 pesos
b) 15 pesos
c) 100 euros
d) 75 pesos. 


20. According to Lencho what did the earth require? 

a) Rainfall 
b) Sunlight 
c) better human beings   
d) Shelter from an epidemic

Answer: a

21. The letter was first read by whom? 

a) God 
b) Postman 
c) Postmaster  
d) Guard. 


22. What was Lencho doing when it was raining? 

a) Farming 
b) Bathing 
c) Eating  
d) Praying to God that it does not rain. 

Answer: b

23. Hailstorms were also described as:

a) curtains 
b) diamonds 
c) Frozen pearl  

Answer: c

24. A stray wind that moves fast in a spinning movement and causes a lot of fortune:

a) Storm 
b) Typhoon 
c) Cyclone  
d) whirlwind

Answer: d

25. After the checking of money Lencho went to the window and asked for asked for what? 

a) rest of money 
b) justice  
c) Pen and page 
d) Stamps

Answer: c


We believe that, this post will be definitely helpful for students who are preparing for CBSE Board exams. These questions will improve their confidence over the chapter undoubtedly. We have also posted MCQs of other chapters as well. You can check other posts to go through other chapters of English. 

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