Report writing on a Free Eye Checkup Camp for Newspaper

Report writing on free eye checkup camp

Report writing on a Free Eye Checkup Camp: Nowadays many charitable clubs and hospitals in association with govt organise free eye checkup camps in a vision to provide free eye treatment for the needy. It is considered as a life saving program that aims to provide free medical and surgical treatments to the poor communities. These type of events can be seen frequently published in newspapers. So, in this article, we’ve tried our best to provide you with the best sample report writing on a free eye checkup camp. 

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Precision of Vision ensured by Free Eye Camp

By Sachin Rana, Staff Reporter 

31st November, Colaba: The residents of Colaba witnessed the noble gesture of the free eye check-up camp organized by the Colaba Charitable Club. The camp was organized as the generous commitment of the trust to provide a vision for life to the weaker section of society. However, it was for every person unconditionally whoever visited the camp seeking a general eye check-up. The camp was conducted at the Bayview arena since it was the ideal venue to conduct the whole objective of the trust for the masses.

The eye check camp took its proceedings under the supervision of 21 experienced eye specialists and ophthalmologists. The camp was well equipped with all the ideal and modern medical equipment and the gear to conduct the thorough eye check-up. The eye patients and other visitors were also provided with legitimate reports stating their eye health status.

Speaking to the chairman of the trust it was known that more than 500 patients were handled by the camp free of cost. It is quite a decent number for any eye check camp to provide welfare services to such gathering of people. All the patients were welcome in a warm manner with the utmost objective of serving mankind. Furthermore speaking about the arrangement the eye check camp was organized in a well spacious ground accommodating the patients without any hassle or hectic rush. The ground was ideally sanitized before the camp providing the ultimate hygiene to the whole visiting gathering. Also, the used medical equipment and other gears were also of high grades ensuring the accurate results of check-ups.

Moreover, the eye surgeons performed more than 70 eye surgeries on patients who genuinely needed it. All of the surgeries were conducted successfully giving a new vision to the patients. There were also some local volunteers who came forward putting their contribution to the camp offering welfare services to society.

At the end of the day, the camp had successfully served its objective of providing free eye care support to those who need it but can’t afford it. The noble vision of the trust never ceases to achieve nobility in serving mankind. We believe that all medical institutions should take some moral inspiration from this gesture and come forward to serve society once in a while.

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