Report writing on a communal riot for Newspaper

Report writing on a communal riot

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Communal Violence Yet Again Threats The Cultural Pluralism Of India

By Debjeet Banerjee 

25 November, Pitampura: As our former President Late Pranab Mukherjee said, “Soul of India resides in pluralism and tolerance, this plurality came with assimilation of ideas over centuries. Secularism is a matter of faith for us”. India as a nation stands out to celebrate diversity and cultural pluralism, after every hundred kilometers one can encounter a new language, culture and lifestyle. But the sail is not smooth all the time, there are severe hiccups on the way, and one of those was encountered yesterday in the afternoon at 3 P.M in Pitampura. Where an argument between a shopkeeper and customer turned into a huge communal riot in no time.

The incident started when the customer refused to take a product sold by the shopkeeper in Pitampura Chowk market, soon it took a shape of a heated arguments as the shopkeeper started to pass some religious comment about the customer, and in within couple of minutes a huge crowd gathered where people were seen battling with each other with swords, daggers and hockey sticks. The local people tried to manage the situation, but it did not help the situation. Almost 30 people were injured and 4 people lost their life on the way.

Police coupled with RAF (Rapid Action Force) arrived on the scene and an immediate curfew was imposed for a week by the administration. More than 100 people were arrested and a special investigation team was recruited to report about the mishap. The police commissioner assured that the situation is under control now but still precautionary steps are taken to avoid any immediate disturbance in the area. The victims of the riots were also interrogated by the investigation team to get information about the culprits.

The Partition of our nation resulted in the displacement of nearly 14 million people with an estimated loss of life of 2-3 million people. India has seen recurrent communal riots during the Shah Bano case in 1986 and Ayodhya events in 1990s. The feeling of disparity and hatred should be avoided and it’s a must to save the beauty and diversity of our great nation India, which is home to people of different faiths, beliefs and sects.

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