Paragraph on Knowledge is Power in English 100, 150, 200 to 250 words

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Short Paragraph on Knowledge is Power: 100 words for classes 5,6

Life on earth is not new, it has evolved since its inception billions of years ago and is surrounded by an uncountable number of species. What gave humanity control of the earth? The answer is knowledge, the greatest gift. The power of knowledge is beyond comprehension, it is the fuel that powers the giant infrastructures and machines around us.  The key to unlocking the treasure of knowledge is education, and knowledge helps us to deal and understand life in a better way. We should always use our knowledge to benefit others, help the underprivileged by sharing it and help the society to grow by implementing it.

paragraph on knowledge is power 100 words

Paragraph on Knowledge is Power: 150 words for classes 7,8

What is the greatest gift humans have? They are not as brave as lions, as strong as elephants and as fast as cheetahs but still mankind rules the earth. The gift of knowledge makes us stronger than any other creature on the planet earth, and to earn the knowledge we must train our brain by educating ourselves and learning from our past mistakes and experiences every day. This magnificent and beautiful world around us is a result of knowledge acquired by human’s century after century. From Pre-historic times humans started inventing and discovering various tools and devices that helped in evolution. To get better in our life, we must use the knowledge to help others and contribute to our society in whichever way possible. Knowledge is a device with which you can achieve everything that you want. Your knowledge keeps adding throughout your life. You can increase your knowledge by reading and learning new things on a daily basis.

paragraph on knowledge is power 150 words

Paragraph on Knowledge is Power: 200-250 words for classes 9,10,11,12

Knowledge is the most powerful weapon on earth, without it nothing is of any use. Your intellectual capital is your knowledge, and you need to cover it. Humans have created numerous effects with the help of knowledge that they possess. However, you’ll see the prodigies that the knowledge of people has created, If you look around. It helps humans put the ideas that they’ve into reality. These ideas have created a deep and continuing impact on humans.

Knowledge is a commodity that you can’t abate, and you can only add to the knowledge you formerly retained. Reading, learning and writing are the ways to increase your knowledge. There are so many conditions that you do every day with the knowledge that you retain. Without the knowledge we retain it wouldn’t be suitable to do the same effects we do daily. You can help the people around you and enhance your knowledge as well as the other person’s knowledge. Not all the educated people know the real deal of life, because education isn’t a commodity that guarantees knowledge. Still, all the knowledgeable people are educated.

There are millions of educated people, but they warrant the knowledge of the subject they’ve studied. Knowledge is a commodity that helps you understand the difference between right and wrong. It helps us to overcome the miscalculations that we do. A person that possesses knowledge he’s richer than a person who has no magnate and lower knowledge. 

paragraph on knowledge is power 250 words

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