Write a Newspaper Report on Train Robbery : 2 Samples

Report writing on a train robbery

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Example-1 (Report writing on a train robbery) 

Chilling Train Robbery at Dimapur

By Dibya Prakash Sarangi (Staff reporter, ASSAM PATRIKA) 

Dimapur, September 26: A train journey from Dispur to Dimapur turned into a nightmare for the passengers on the “Assam Express”. The 3 hour long journey took a horrific turn for the passengers as 31 “masked” men, armed with weapons and 2 huge trunks barged into the Train which had around 74 passengers and carried out a heist, never heard before. 

The incident took place on the evening of September 25, 2022, roughly around 7:45 p.m (I.S.T),as the “Assam Express” Was passing through the 10 min long “Sahej Tunnel”. A passenger, ‘Dhruv Bordoloi’, stated that he was the first one to have noticed the train being “Gheraoed” by armed men. According to his statement,the train slowed down inside the tunnel and the criminals barged inside the train with sharp weapons. Their first assignment was to kill the Train driver, which they managed, successfully.

The other members, guarded with arms, threatened and looted the passengers and didn’t even spare the train T. C. The Burglars used the likes of signal jammers, which prevented the passengers to call for help, making it absolutely impossible for the travellers to protect themselves. 

The entire heist lasted 30 minutes approximately but caused 1 death and 1.6 lakhs (I.N.R) APPROX, gold chains, and phones that had been looted from the innocent passengers, not to mention the emotional distress and trauma caused to them. The police upon being informed by the Railway Control station reached the spot immediately, but it was too late as the thieves escaped successfully. The Police suspect the local gang, “Mafia Raj” behind this heinous crime. No arrest have been made, till the last information came in. 

Example-2 (Write a report on train robbery) 

Unanticipated train robbery baffled Indian Railways

By Chandan Tripathi (Staff reporter, ASSAM PATRIKA) 

Dimapur, September 26: A serious act of heist has resulted in a panic spree across the state. The recent “Assam Express” train heist was nothing but a Security failure from the part of the Railway department of the state and country. 

On the evening of September 25, 2022, the “Assam express” Was on its way from Dimapur to Dispur route at its usual time with 67 passengers on board. Taking advantage of the countable number of passengers on the train, 30-40 masked and highly armed miscreants barged into the train and looted the passengers of their belongings. A passenger turned Eye-witness confirmed that the Robbery took place inside the “Sahej Tunnel”, Where the group of burglars barged into the slow-paced train, killed the driver mercilessly and carried out the heinous crime. 

The shocking part was the fact that the Robbers used likes of Signal jammers to prevent the passengers from making phone calls to ask out for help. The police were informed by the Train authority but it was too late as the burglars left the spot in less than 20 minutes and the Police couldn’t nab the criminals upon arrival. This incident has sent a shock wave across the country and the state. Apart from the death of the Driver, no other passengers have been reported injured, till the last information came in. 

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