Complaint letter to Municipal Corporation for Waterlogging

Mainly in the rainy seasons waterlogging problem arises in some localities, for which the inhabitants face many problems. In this situation, you need to write a complaint letter or application to the Municipal authority highlighting your issues. 

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Complaint Letter To Municipality for Waterlogging 

Shriram vihar

22nd September 2022

The Municipal Authority 

Sir ,

I am XYZ, an inhabitant of Shriram vihar under your municipal area willing to draw your attention towards the unmanageable water logging issues in our region.

Water clogging at several places has made our transportation really troublesome. The main road to our colony, which is used by the majority of people was under construction. The construction work was on halt due to some reasons. As monsoons arrived, rainwater started accumulating on pits that made the road very muddy and messy to drive or even walk on.

The clogged water also contains contaminated water from drains. This has led to the spreading of many water-borne diseases like cholera, typhoid, and diarrhea. People are finding it really difficult to travel from one place to another. Traffic jams are very common these days. Even the pedestrians are also facing problems. Children and officer goers are getting late to reach their schools and workplaces respectively. This has been the condition of the residents of our locality for the past 15 days. The torrential rainfall leading to water logging has made our place unlivable. 

Sir, kindly look after this serious matter before someone loses their precious life because of the deadly diseases or clumsy (accident-prone) roads caused by waterlogging. Hoping for a quick and positive response. 

Thanking you

Yours truly


Complaint letter for waterlogging

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