Application for closing bank account : 2 Samples

Are you looking for letter writing formats in English to send to the Bank manager requesting him to close your bank account for some reason?

Great! you’ve come to one of the best resources available on the internet. In this particular post, we’ve given 2 examples of the application of the above-mentioned topic. 

Sample Letter-1 

The manager
State Bank of India 
Jodhpur, Rajasthan 
Pin – xxxxxx

Subject –  Requesting for the closure of current account. 

Sir , 

I am shraddha, I hold a current account ( acc no. 233427348990 ) in your bank at the Jodhpur branch. I am a government service holder and I have been transferred to our headquarters in Delhi. From next month onwards,  I will be joining there.  

Due to this reason, I want to close the account above mentioned, since,  I will not be able to access that anymore. I would really appreciate it if you could clear all the remaining transactions with this account and transfer the balance of this account to another. ( acc no.  12254355578909900 , IFSC code- SBIL00000301 )

I am also enclosing the account passbook with this letter for your convenience. Kindly initiate the process of closing as fast as possible. 

Thanking you

Yours faithfully, 
Shraddha Mehera 

application for closing bank account

Sample Letter-2

The manager 
Axis Bank
Pin – xxxxxx 

Subject – closure of savings account 


I am Snigdha, a savings account holder (acc. No. 2230987466777778) at your bank. As per the protocol of the bank, I am unable to maintain the minimum required amount of Rs. 10,000 in this account. As I have another account in a different bank and I am planning to run that account as a savings account of mine. So, I would like to close this account.

I am attaching all the necessary personal details along with the account passbook for a hasslefree closing process.

Kindly do the needful and initiate the action as soon as possible.

Thanking you

Yours truly,  
Snigdha Mehta 

Wrapping Up

We believe that this article helped you crack an idea, on how to write a letter or application the Bank manager of your account holding branch, requesting him to close your bank account.

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