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Don Bosco School celebrates 50 Glorious Years

Ayushman Bhattacharjee (Writer, School Magazine)

August 1, 2022: The date was July 31, 1972 when the Trustees, Principal and several other special identities laid the foundation for  Don Bosco School, Agartala. Since then, it has been 50 long years as the prodigious institution continues to enlighten minds and shaping futures. The school since its origination in the 1970s has maintained its illustrious Legacy and an impeccable Academic and Extracurricular record.

To honour the Heritage of the School, the authorities and the students from the 12th grade, organised a small event on July 31, 2022. The Celebration was set to take place at the School Auditorium, which was pleasingly decorated with flowers and some pictures taken on the very first working day of this magnanimous School. The Pictures spoke of the charming and amiable journey of the Institution. The auditorium got packed up, with all the students filling up the seats. The teachers, staff members joined the students a few minutes later.

Soon, the programme began with the Honourable Principal, with Excitement and Joy reflecting in his eyes, lit up the Lamp. It was pretty evident that he was emotional, being the one who governed the school these since 50 years. The Choir Group were invited on stage to sing the school Anthem as all the Students, Teachers, Staff and Trustees stood up with respect to the chorale. This was followed by a classical Dance presented by the Teachers. It was a sublime to see the teachers choreographing the Dance Steps to perfection. As the Dance performance ended, The Principal was called on stage for a speech.

The Honourable Headmaster started his speech with a quote by Nelson Mandela which said, ‘Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world’. He further elaborated the quote to the students and emphasised on the values, Legacy and tradition of the school which is the responsibility of the students to carry forward in the coming years. He also thanked the teachers who were present right from the very first day of the school till today and felicitated all the Staff members and the Teachers. The students were then asked to queue up as the Vice-Principal would present each one with refreshments and a momento to commemorate this special day and occasion.

As the event folded up, the students seemed to be determined and proud over the Legacy they were associated with and were focused to take it a level higher. The Golden Jubilee celebration was a huge success. With Optimism and Hope, the school shall continue its journey for many many more years to come.

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