Report writing on a Bank Robbery in your city for Newspaper

Report writing on a Bank robbery

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 Bank Heist Shocks City

Ayushman Bhattacharjee (Writer, Tripura Times)

Agartala, August 2: Cash and Gold worth 4 Crores (INR) has been looted in a Heist carried out by 3 bike borne criminals. The unfortunate Theft took place at the Agartala Branch of ‘A to Z’ bank. The Robbers looted the bank at broad daylight that too during the peak office hours, approximately around 10:30 a.m(I.S.T).

It has been reported that the notorious thieves had hacked the CCTV cameras of the Banks which would help their cause to a great extent. As per a statement issued by the D.I.G of Tripura Police, the bank has an attendance of nearly 70 people which included, 30 staff members and the rest consisted of the customers or bank account holders. The eyewitnesses shared that the Burglars were holding Pistols and Knives which scared the people present at the Crime Scene at that very moment.

The Robbers seemed to have a well rehearsed plan as they all were wearing Dark Black clothes with masks covering their faces. The Thieves did not waste time in carrying out the heinous crime as they quickly made everyone their hostage. They then threatened the Bank officials to not waste time in giving them their desired amount of Hard Cash and Gold. The Entire duration of the illegal act, merely lasted 20 minutes. In less than 20 odd minutes, those Burglars fled the crime scene and had been untraced since.

The Police team upon reaching the spot quickly calmed the Victims as they were in a deep state of Shock and Panic. The Hostages included the likes of Old people and Children aged, 6-10. The incident sent the City and perhaps the entire state under a state of utter Shock and Disbelief. The police officials have reported having received a few pieces of evidence which would help in nabbing the heartless criminals who had the guts to steal the hard-earned money of the Account holders. No arrest have been made, till the last update came in.

write a report on a bank robbery

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