Complaint Letter for Excess Electricity Bill : 2 Examples

Excess electricity bill is now a serious issue that badly affects consumers. Sometimes consumers get high electricity bills despite less power usage. This may happen due to factors such as errors in meter or other technical issues. So, if you get a high electricity bill and you suspect there’s something wrong, you need to write an application or complaint letter to the concerned electricity department complaining about the subject of excess billing.

Are you looking for letter writing formats in English for this topic to send it to the complaint officer of the concerned electricity department for wrong electricity billing?

Great! you’ve come to one of the best resources available on the internet. In this particular post, we’ve given 2 examples of letter-writing formats for the above-mentioned topic.

Sample Letter-1 (High Electricity Bill complaint letter)

The Complaint Officer, 

Reliance Power, Jharkhand

Subject: Complaint For excessive Electricity Billings since a few months. 

Respected Sir,

I beg to draw your kind attention towards the excessive billings I have been receiving since the last few months. 

I have been living at my Current Residence since the past 2 years but it’s been 3 months since I had been receiving such hugely inflated electricity bills. I live at a ‘Bachelor’s Pad’ and hence there are no more than 2 rooms excluding the Kitchen and Washroom. With comparatively fewer Electronic appliances at my home, such an inflated bill is nothing short of an acute case of traumatism for me. 

I usually paid a bill that read nothing more than 2500-3000 (INR) a month. Since the last 3 months, I have had received Bills worth 9000/-, 8900/-, 12800/- (INR) respectively. The outrageous part being the fact that for work purposes, I had been out of station throughout the course of last month. Despite of numerous complaints on the Regular website of your Electricity Company, the response is still due. 

I hereby ask you to please take urgent notice of the matter as there are a few more families in our society who complained about the same Issue which is of course a major call for concern for is, the Middle Class. 

Yours faithfully, 
Ayushman Bhattacharjee

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High Electricity Bill complaint letter

Sample Letter-2 (Application for Excess Electricity Bill correction)

The Complaint Officer, 

Reliance Power, Jharkhand

Respected Sir/Madam, 

Subject: Complaint For wrong calculation of electricity bill

In inviting reference to the subject cited above, I would like to draw to your kind notice, the consistent Excessive Electricity Billings I have been receiving since the last few months. 

I’ve been living at a 1BHK at ‘Sai Darshan High Society’ since 3 years and never had to face such an issue. On enquiring around the society, I found out that there are a few families who are facing the same Complications regarding the humongous amount on electricity bill notice. 

On an average scale, I paid no more than 2000-3000/- (INR) a month. The problem shot up after there had been an Electric Metre change in our society 3 months ago. Since then, I’ve been asked to pay 6800/-, 9200/- and 7600/- (INR) respectively. This is unimaginable for a bachelor who doesn’t have a huge number of electric appliances in use. Adding to this point of concern is the fact that last month I wasn’t at home for even a day for work-related issues. Such an Inflated bill is nothing short of Harassment for us, the middle class people. 

There have been repeated calls and complaints made by me on the Website of your electricity company but they failed to address the Problem. I hereby urge you to urgently take notice of the matter as it is a  cause of great concern for the residents. 

With Regards
Bhanu Pratap Sahoo

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Mobile Number __________

Wrapping Up 

We believe that this article helped you crack an idea, on how to write a complaint letter or application to the concerned electricity department if you ever face excess electricity bill problem.

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