Report writing on an Earthquake felt in your city

Report writing on earthquakeAn earthquake is an intense shaking of Earth’s surface. The shaking is caused by movements in Earth’s outermost layer. States like Assam, Arunachal Pradesh from the north-east, Kashmir, and Gujarat all fall in the Zone 5 and are the most prone to earthquakes. 

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Topic: Imagining yourself as a Staff Reporter of a national daily, write a report on an Earthquake reported in your city (Report writing on an earthquake) 

City jolted by back to back Earthquakes

Ayushman Bhattacharjee (Correspondant, The Tripura Times)

Agartala, July 21, 2022:As per the National Center of Seismology, an earthquake of 5.4 magnitudes hit the city of Agartala on a rather sunny Monday afternoon of July 20. This earthquake was soon followed by another quake an hour later, with a magnitude of 5.2 read by the seismometer.

The tremors of the earthquake was felt throughout the city and sent down the citizens through a tunnel of panic. The natural calamity resulted in the collapse of at least three corporate buildings near the ‘Metro Bazaar’ which unfortunately led to the death of 8 leaving several critically injured. Both the earthquakes hit the city within the gap of an hour which left little or no space for the civilians to take precautions.

Earlier today, the city’s earthquake headquarter reported that a total of around 1002 people across the city were affected by the earthquake but however as per the new statistics the numbers seem to increase significantly. Earlier on 2022, Indian Seismologists had already declared the North-eastern region of this country to be at a high risk of getting hit by an earthquake. The Disaster Management department of the state, Fire Brigades, Health Department, and several other forces were quick to take account of the situation and rescued the people who were stranded, and injured by the brutality of nature. The injured were shifted to different Government and City Hospitals where they are Being treated by the medical staffs.

Adding to the regretful situation of the city is the ‘Missing’ count which has a toll up to 187 according to the Police and relief officials. With Several dead and injured, Properties destroyed and several reported missing, The State Chief Minister has addressed the  Civilians and asked them to remain united and not panic in such an unfortunate situation. He also let his condolences known to the victims and their families. Several foundations across the country along with the Prime Minister have been sending relief and first aid kits and many citizens are joining hands with the disaster management forces in finding the ones reported missing till the last information came in.

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