Newspaper Report writing on a Fire Accident : 2 Samples

Report writing on fire accident
Report writing on fire accident

Are you looking for a sample Report writing on fire accident, that took place in a market complex, to publish in a newspaper?

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Topic: Imagining yourself as a Staff Reporter of a national daily, write a report on a fire accident that took place in a market complex. (Report writing on a fire accident) 

Example-1 (Report writing on a fire accident)

New Market set on ruinous fire : 10 killed 

By Smruti Mishra, Staff Reporter

July 18 , New Market , kolkata : Major fire broke out in the famous New Market. It is the second time this year that this type of devastating event is recurring in the same area. Last time, when the Market caught fire various preventive measures were taken by the authorities. But after this fierce recurrence, it can be clearly seen that all the prophylactic measures went in vain.

As stated by some shopkeepers, around 4:30 PM in the evening a lethal fire broke out from nowhere. 9 fire brigade engines rushed to the spot, but unfortunately, it took nearly 7 hours to extinguish the fire completely. The local police station has started the investigation and is determined to find out the root cause of repeated fire outbreaks in the region. Reportedly,  50 shops are devastated by this catastrophic fire accident.

The calamitous accident killed 10 people and badly injured several others. All the patients were taken to a nearby hospital.  Some of them are battling with fatal injuries. While working upon finding out the cause of the accident the police are also investigating why the automatic fire extinguishing system which has been installed at New Market failed to work.  A well-experienced disaster management team is about to set up to handle all such death-dealing fire accidents in the city.

Report writing on fire accident

Example-2 (Fire accident Report writing)

    House Gutted by Fire in a tragedy, None survive

By Ayushman Bhattacharjee (Staff Reporter, Jaago Bangalore) 

December 11, 2022, Bangalore: A devastating fire break-out, claimed lives of 6 people at a house located near Basvangudi Metro Station, Bengaluru. The fire broke out due to a cylinder explosion which took place whilst a family get-together. 

As per the neighbours, the unfortunate incident took place around 9p.m (I.S.T) on the brink of what seemed to be a ‘regular’ Saturday evening on the 10th of December, 2022. The horrendous accident occurred at the “Bhatia House”, leading to the death of all the 6 members in their family including the family head, Rajiv Bhatia.  According to the local sources, the family was having a Get-together and someone from the deceased, must have left the gas cylinder open which brought a fatal death to the entire family and sent shockwaves across the area and especially the immediate neighbours of the family who are grieving at such a loss. 

The brutality of the blast can be understood looking at the remains of the House, which now looks like a ruined and gutted structure and nothing more. The neighbours upon hearing the explosion quickly rushed to the spot and found the ‘Bhatia house’ wrapped under a heinous gush of fire. The people gathered there wasted no time in informing the Fire Brigade and Police. Soon, the Fire Service Officers and Police arrived along with an Ambulance at the Accident scene. In no time, the officers from the Fire service made sure they got the situation in control. 

As the officers examined the scene, nothing but the remains of the family members were found in an unmentionable condition. The Police have informed the immediate relatives of the deceased family and have also bruised out possibilities of any wrongdoing/conspiracy. The incident was ruled out as an ‘accident’, till the last information came in.

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