Complaint Letter to Municipal Corporation for Poor condition of roads in your locality : 3 Samples

Bad road conditions make a lot of difficulties for the residents of a locality. It creates a lot of issues in transportation, business, traffic problem, and in other many ways. In this situation, as an inhabitant, you need to write a letter or application to the concerned authorities describing issues faced by the locals due to such miserable condition of roads in your area and requesting them for immediate repair. 

Are you looking for a Complaint letter format for this topic to send it to the Municipality of your city/town?

Great! you’ve come to one of the best resources available on the internet. In this particular post, we’ve given three examples of letter-writing formats for the above-mentioned topic.

Sample Letter-1 (Complaint Letter for Bad Condition of Roads)

23, Krishnangar,
Agartala, Tripura (w)

Pincode: 799001

July 13, 2022

The commissioner,
Municipal Corporation of Agartala,
Agartala, Tripura

Subject: Miserable condition of Roads at Pragati Nagar.

Respected Sir/Madam,

In inviting reference to the subject cited above, I would like to bring your kind notice towards the miserable condition of roads at our locality, Pragati Nagar.

With tardy pace of the flyover project, bad state of the main roads and the miserable condition of the service lanes, trouble the commuters to a great extent. The Potholes, spread across the road, create traffic congestion and a lot of chaos across the locality.

But the ‘pothole’ Issue took a further negative turn as recently an accident caused by these shallow pits could have been fatal for a lady commuter on her Scooter. She did sustain serious injuries but was lucky that the incident didn’t develop into a much calamitic and tragic. Every year during Monsoon, the daily travellers face a lot of hindrance to travel through these roads as they get clogged sometimes even resulting in an unhygienic and miserable flood water submerging the entire road surface making it hard to even Walk.

I sincerely hope that u would take account of the regretful situation of the roads here at Pragati Nagar and take immediate action.

Yours Faithfully,
Deepak Dwivedi

Complaint letter for bad condition of roads

Sample Letter-2 (Complaint for Damaged Roads)

54, Janak Puri,
Pincode: 110046.
13 July, 2022
The Commissioner,
Municipal Corporation,
New Delhi.

Respected Sir/Madam,

I would like to bring to your kind attention, the miserable condition of the roads at our Locality.

A recent accident caused by these brutal roads has put everyone in a state of fear and bother. The accident could’ve resulted  death for the victim and perhaps the other commuters. The prime cause of the accident are the numerous potholes laid out across the entire Roadway.

These Potholes result in a miserable and baffling situation for the travellers.  The condition further worsen as the Monsoon arrive which flood the road making it a laborious task to even walk on these Roads. The Service Lanes also join in the Main roads as they meet with a similar fate. The regretful condition of the Service Lanes result in Traffic chaos and nothing but Delays even for Ambulances.

With hope, I expect you to take account of the miserable situation and take action as soon as possible as the situation of the Roads here in Janakpuri are getting worse to worst.

Yours Sincerely,
Anshuman Khandelwal 

Sample Letter-3 (Complaint for Poor condition of Roads)

24, Pragatipur,
Agartala, Tripura (w)

Pincode: 799002

July 14, 2022

The commissioner,
Municipal Corporation of Agartala,
Agartala, Tripura

Subject: Miserable condition of Roads at Pragati Nagar.

Respected Sir/Madam,

I would like to draw your kind notice, the horrible condition of the roads at our locality, Pragatipur.

The Regretful state of the Service Lanes and several potholes housing on the main roads of Pragatipur causes a huge load of inconvenience to the commuters. Pragatipur is the house to a lot of Factories, Cement Making Plants. Thus, Heavy transportation vehicles like, Trucks with a huge load of such goods drive on these Roads which is obviously not safe as these thoroughfares do not seem to be in great condition.

The Situation took an alarming tone when a Bus filled with School Students overturned due to a shallow but a massive pothole on the Road. Furthermore, the flyover work that has been carried out has caused more problems as it results in a huge Chaos and Traffic Jams at the wee hours posing a lot of trouble for the office goers and regular travellers. During the Monsoon season, the situation worsens as the streets get clogged with Rainwater making it a hectic task to even walk on the road.

I hope your office takes this matter into urgent Consideration and prevents the situation and condition of the. roads to further worsen.

Yours Faithfully,
Ayushmaan Acharya

Wrapping Up

We believe that this article helped you crack an idea, on how to write a complaint letter to the Chairman of Your municipality or Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation complaining about the miserable condition of roads.

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  1. Actually I need Application against mukhiya of my Locality that he has not constructed road and drainage till now
    Due to which Rain water level icreased to become 1 foot on road so please prove me such type of Application so that I will be able to do complain against mukhiya

    and YES ONE MORE IMPORTANT THING THAT IN MY LOCALITY THERE IS LOCAL RESIDANCE OF bhola yadav who is the MLA of bihar till then road’s condition is like drainage


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