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Topic: You are a reporter of Times of India of Balasore zone. write a report to the editor about the destruction in xyz locality of your city due to a recent cyclone.


         The Editor
         The Times Of India

Title: Report on destruction in the locality due to Cyclone ‘Fani’

         The Cyclone ‘Fani’ has badly affected many parts of Chandipur in Balasore district. Many of the thatched houses have been blown away and  buildings have also been damaged. The roads are blocked with the fallen trees. The sea side trees have been completely destroyed. Some of the schools of this locality were severely affected. The sea side shops have been fully damaged. Communication The entire locality is wrapped up in darkness since the electric polls have got uprooted and broken.  The local people are reportedly living a sorrowful life.

      Government officials and voluntary organizations have rushed to the affected area with relief materials.  It would take a lot of time to restore normal situations in this area.

Shaktikanta Jena
Chandipur, Balasore


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