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Topic: You are a resident of xyz locality in the city Baripada. The recent cyclone caused a lot of destruction in your area. Write a letter to the Collector and DM of your district asking him for relief materials.

The Collector & District Magistrate 
Mayurbhanj, Baripada 

Sub: Application for relief for cyclone affected people.


     Most respectfully, we would like to inform you that, we are the residents of Tulasi Choura locality, ward no-23 under Baripada Municipality. We would like to draw your kind attention towards the situation of our area, occurred due to the cyclone ‘Fani’.  
     The inhabitants of our locality have been severely affected due to the cyclone ‘Fani’. It has left a trail of death and destruction. About 50 shelters damaged due to the heavy wind. So, more than 500 people have become homeless and living under the open sky. The crops have been destroyed and the victims are starving. The terraces of the schools blew away. Many trees fell down and blocked the street. Three people died on the spot and twenty six people have been severely injured due the fallen trees. The cattle died in a high scale due this cyclone. The dead bodies of the domestic animals are still lying on the road. Electricity is not available for last three days. 

     Therefore, if you would kindly provide food to the victims to meet their subsistence and also provide polythene to live temporarily, we should be grateful to you. We also request you to take immediate steps to repair shelters, roads and schools of the cyclone affected area.     

                                                            Yours Obediently  

Inhabitants of Tulasi Choura

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