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Topic: You are resident of XYZ locality in Baripada. Write a letter to the chairman of your municipality complaining about the insanitary conditions of your area.

The Chairman 
Baripada Municipality

Sub: complaint on the insanitary condition of our locality.

    with due admiration, we would like inform you that, we are the inhabitants of Tulasi Choura locality under Baripada Municipality. We wish to draw your kind attention towards the insanitary condition of our locality.

    The locality has been neglected for long. The drains are not cleaned everyday. These remain full of water in the rainy season. Mosquitoes breed in the stagnant water. The rubbish is dumped in the middle of the street. Flies keep buzzing throughout the day. Our locality has been made the dominion of stray pigs and dogs wandering for no purpose. The dead bodies of animals are lying on the road. The concerning workers are paying no heed to it. They come here once in every 15 days and don’t conduct their works properly. This creates a very bad scene and invites a lot of diseases and causes ill health of people of this area. The Sanitary Inspector is a stranger to the situation of this area.

    Therefore, we request you to look into the matter and depute the Sanitary Inspector to improve the sanitary condition of the place and take all necessary steps for solving this problem.

                                                      Yours Faithfully 
                                                  the inhabitants of  
                                                 Tulasi Choura 

To                                                                  From

                             (Fill the address yourself)    

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